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What about Metalized window film?

Should I remove my old film myself?
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Metalized window film these days is becoming old school...

Metalized window films these days are not used around here much any more with the exception of using it to match up to some factory tints that comes in some older trucks and S.U.V.s . It was used more frequently back in the day because it has much better total solar energy rejection (TSER) than the old school dyed films have. Sort of yesterday's technological advancement from dyed films.

However, it still works great on the heat blockage, most metalized films interferes with today's modern electronics being put into cars now days affecting things like radio reception because antenna's are impregnated onto the glass surface within the defroster line system instead of an antenna mounted on a fender. Mobil phones, GPS, satellite radio, other devices, etc... can and probably will be affected using metalized films.

Manufacturers of window film are even discontinuing these film types that have been around for years as big sellers for automotive use due to lack of demand. We still have a few options with this film type if need be....

We try to keep up with the proven best films that come out as time rolls on, all while keeping an eye on the new film cost. While still available, the newer advancements in film technology these days performs about as good if not better as metalized films but has no dyes or metals made within it. This equates to excellent heat blockage, long life span, no problems with electronics, and looks great. What more can you ask for?

However any film still aids:

Call (972)783-6005 for more Inquiries Cooling ....   Aids cars with weak air conditioners (Helps them cool down better & faster).

Call (972)783-6005 for more Inquiries Safety & Protection ....    Of YOU & upholstery in interiors of cars (greatly reduces fading).

Call (972)783-6005 for more Inquiries Toning down light glare ....     Day or night time driving (making driving more comfortable).

Call (972)783-6005 for more Inquiries Ultraviolet light blockage ...       For sun related skin conditions ( such as skin cancer ect...).

Call (972)783-6005 for more Inquiries Providing a barrier ....     In the event of glass breakage (between YOU and the broken glass).

.......And not to mention, auto window film makes all cars look better (if it is installed properly).

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