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What about Carbon based window film?

Should I remove my old film myself?
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Carbon base window films offer the greatest heat rejection vs. price for an O.E.M. pigment color. We recommend these window films instead of metalized films, plus.....

Call (972)783-6005 for more Inquiries Won't interfere with any electronics in newer cars ....

Call (972)783-6005 for more Inquiries Matches O.E.M. Pigment colors on trucks and S.U.V.s

Call (972)783-6005 for more Inquiries Comparable heat blockage to metalized films ....

PLUS... It Just Looks Good !

 These carbon based window films have the same look as the pigment color you'd see in factory tinted windows in trucks, S.U.V.s, and glass sunroofs and also are available in several film darknesses with window tinting state legalities involved. This film type will give you the energy rejection very similar to the metalized films without the metally look or potential electronic reception problems associated with some metalized films. This type works well on newer cars that has allot of electronics involved. In other words, it contains no metals or dyes in it's construction.

These auto window films come with a factory backed nationwide lifetime warranty. For example, if a customer has us window tint his / her car and that customer moves out of state ( college / job transfer ) and should experience problems with their window film, they wouldn't be stuck having to come back to this state to have repairs made. They could just take it to their nearest SunTek window film dealer ( in the continental U.S. or Canada ) and have repairs made at minimal or no charge at all.

Window Film Summary .....

We use factory mounting solutions and all factory supplied materials during installation to ensure long term service to the customer and our reputation. So to simply say, we don't cut corners which ultimately leaves everyone involved in the deal satisfied and that's what we call a good old fashioned deal. 

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