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What about Dyed window film?

Should I remove my old film myself?
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Dyed window film these days is old school...

Dyed window films these days are not used around here much any more. We try to keep up with the proven best films that come out as time rolls on, all while keeping an eye on the new film cost. While still available and costs less, the newer advancements in film technology these days performs way better. However any film still aids:

Call (972)783-6005 for more Inquiries Cooling ....   Aids cars with weak air conditioners (Helps them cool down better & faster).

Call (972)783-6005 for more Inquiries Safety & Protection ....    Of YOU & upholstery in interiors of cars (greatly reduces fading).

Call (972)783-6005 for more Inquiries Toning down light glare ....     Day or night time driving (making driving more comfortable).

Call (972)783-6005 for more Inquiries Ultraviolet light blockage ...       For sun related skin conditions ( such as skin cancer ect...).

Call (972)783-6005 for more Inquiries Providing a barrier ....     In the event of glass breakage (between YOU and the broken glass).

.......And not to mention, auto window film makes all cars look better (if it is installed properly).

The latest films give much more heat blockage than dyed films do. For example, the 35% darkness in a dyed film which is the darkest legal film you can use on restricted windows here in Texas will give you around a 36% total solar energy rejection (TSER). The darker you go the more energy is filtered out.

Looking at the darkest dyed film made which is 5% (limo), the total solar energy rejection (TSER) is at around 46% total rejection. Back in the day when dyed film was mostly the only thing available, these numbers were huge compared to just untinted glass.

Now days, with the better technology in films, our 35% film, which looks the same, lasts longer, and is way more color stable over the years, gives you 53% total solar energy rejection (TSER). Yes that's right, it gives you more solar blockage than a 5% limo film in the old school dyed film. Plus it's legal on restricted windows here in Texas. It costs more which in turn causes the cost of the job to increase a bit BUT is worth it compared to the slight increase in price. Think about that when it's a hundred degrees out side.....

We don't stock dyed film anymore because it sits on the shelf and never gets used. People would come in being attracted to the lower cost and then when they get here, come to understand what is mentioned above, then go ahead and spend the extra to get the increased heat blockage and never look back. If you have to have dyed film, we can still get it usually within 24 hours but honestly, we'd recommend going ahead and spending the extra fifty bucks or so and just go with the higher end film on your car... You'd be much happier and glad you did.

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