Automotive Headliner Repair
With Foam Backed Material

 Blair's Texas Window Tinting and more repairs fallen automotive headliners, serving the McKinney, Texas area. Most cars we deal with usually has foam backed material glued to the inner headliner shell. (Foreign, Domestic, Exotic).





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  The Most Scenarios That We See
  Most of the type of headliners that we repair these days on newer cars consist of a formed board or shell that is covered with a foam backed material that is held up on the inside of the roof of the car by the surrounding trim panels. The most common problems that cars and trucks (other than tears and rips) come in for headliner repairs is age (when the material reaches the end of it's life

span). When foam backed material head liners fails from age it typically tends to sag down from the board it was attached to (as if you didn't already know this if

This is typical as to when a headliner needs to be replaced

you're researching head liner repair and eventually (as time goes on) rubs and flaps on top of your head while you're driving. All headliners with foam backed material eventually reaches this point sooner or later...
The Proper Way  
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  We have just about everyone ask us if we can just re-glue it back up. NO... What happens when it fails or dies is the foam backing begins to disintegrate and becomes crumbly. Once the foam has crumbled off from the back side of the material, the material is pretty thin just by itself. Gluing the thin material back to it would be comparable to trying to glue pantyhose to the dirt on the ground with the glue oozing through the thin material creating even more of a problem

and mess. The proper way to repair these fallen head liners is to remove all of the interior trim supporting the shell that the material was attached to and to remove the 

We remove the headliner shell to recover it correctly

shell from the vehicle. Then removing the old material and cleaning off the rotten foam from the surface of the shell (this is messy).
  We Put It Back Together

 Once the shell is clean, we glue (and we do mean glue) fresh high quality O.E.M. colored foam backed material back onto the shell with high quality, industrial spray grade glue (not a cheap aerosol form which is

inferior for this type of application). Once the freshly glued headliner is dry enough to handle, the recovered shell is then reinstalled back into 

Fresh headliner installed looks new again

vehicle and the supporting trim panels are put back into place giving the headliner a brand new look, feel, and smell again (and no more messy hair doo-s or polished bald spots from your headliner).
  Other Scenarios
at Blair's Texas Window Tinting & more
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 Some people use thumb tacks or staples to temporarily hold the thing off their head but the down side to that is that these tacks fall out and you never know when one is waiting

Worn out headliner using thumb tacs to hold it up (not recommended)

in your seat for you (like the old tack in the teachers seat prank). If you have to do something like this for a temporary "get it off your head" fix, use your stapler off your desk and put them in at an angle to the surface.....
  Headliners & Sunroofs

 Cars with electric sunroofs are more involved and cost more to have done because the sunroof has to be completely removed to be able to remove the interior shell from the car. It really helps to have someone do this for you who really knows what they're doing. The proper way to handle these repairs is to service the sunroof while the shell is out of the car (because you have to remove the shell to service the sunroof sooner or later anyway). If you are having sunroof problems or sunroof shade panel problems, you might read our sunroof repair page to see more about fixing these scenarios in more detail. Go here:

Sunroofs service here at Blair's Texas Window Tinting gets the inner portion of the housing pan cleaned, tracks lubed with light oil or dry lube  

Sunroof has to be completly removed to be done correctly

(not grease which gums up over time), all drain hoses unclogged from leaves and debris, and set adjustments are made. These procedures insure the headliner repair is usually a one time trip to the shop.
  Headliners Even More Involved

 Some cars out there get even more involved (like some BMWs and a few others) to where the rear windshield has to be removed to get the shell out of the vehicle. These few particular cars have head liner boards too large to pass through any of the doors without damaging the board (which is expensive to replace).

  Older Style "Hung" Type Headliners

 Other older cars with "hung" headliners that are suspended by rods sewn into the headliner and stretched tight along the outer edges generally have to have the front and rear windshields removed along with the weather-stripping above the doors and side glasses. These cars do take more time and shouldn't be rushed to achieve perfection.



General Price Ranges to Recover Auto Head Liners (most cars)

Prices vary from car make to car make and is figured on headliner replacement only. Seldomly additional parts are needed for repairs and are not included in these prices. Tax is included in the price. These prices are figured to repair headliners properly (not just thrown together in a production like manner).

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  If you're interested in having your head liner repaired from rubbing on the top of your head and eliminating the nasty little "crumblies" that blows around every where and gets in your eyes when you roll your windows down (you'll know what we are talking about if you're head- liner is that far gone). We can make it like brand new again at Blair's Texas Window Tinting & more. You'll actually like driving that car again with a fresh headliner over your head that will probably last longer than the original one did. You can call:
(972) 783-6005 During our normal business hours to set up an appointment or to ask any other questions that you may have.

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