Sun visors and sail (side) panels are priced separately.
Average price ranges for most vehicles below:

Pick-up Trucks (2 door, extended cab, 4 door)

$100.00 to $250.00

Cars without sunroofs

$185.00 to $350.00

Cars with after market "Pop-up" sunroofs

$190.00 to $360.00

Cars with factory installed electric sunroofs

$450.00 to $850.00

Small Multi Purpose Vehicles (example:Jeep Cherokee)

$250.00 to $375.00

Large M.P.V. (example:Suburbans)

$350.00 to $850.00

Custom Vans (prices vary depending on interior construction)

must see

Hung type with bowed rods (older cars )

must see

Recover most Sun Visors             (each)

$75.00 to 85.00 (ea.)
A Pillars (pillar panels by front wind shield)       (each) $25.00 to $35.00
Sail Panels (side panels by rear wind shield)       (each) $25.00 to $60.00