Help Wanted
@ Blair's Texas Window Tinting and more

.........If you you're a high quality, reliable, and industrious window tinter that takes pride in your work and feel that you can properly tint the kinds of cars shown on these pages (impressing "picky" people) or are able to do high end commercial-residential tinting, and live in the Dallas, TX. area then you'll probably like working with us.

We sometimes look for key individuals to tint some windows. Working with us offers the benefits of hours, environment, pay, and dealing with good people. And best of all we have cool-er customers.

If you should find this interesting, then please fill out our application form to get listed on our file system for employment. You are welcome to contact us by phone (972) 783-6005, E-mail Us or, physically come by the shop for questions regarding this, however more than likely, we'll answer your questions and tell you to come back here and fill out the job application form any way. So you might go ahead and fill out the secured application form now while your here to get listed on our file system.