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Automotive Sample Pictures

These are Some Cool-er Car Windows We've Tinted.

 Blair's Texas Window Tinting and more has been providing solar protection by installing fine auto window tinting to the Dallas area since 1984. We have achieved this success by providing our customers with complete satisfaction of window film work done by our window tinting establishment, just ask around -Dallas. "Picky" people are our best customers.

Scroll pictures above to the left and click to see the enlarged picture here. These pictures are to give you an idea of what our window films appear like on various cars. Metalized window films look more "metally" on some cars than others and some window films appear darker than others depending on exterior vs. interior colors and angles viewed from. All shown here are done according to Texas tinting laws.

  Also visit the rest of our web site to see easy to understand and useful information for window film applications that people should know before making window tint purchases. If you haven't checked out our Common Questions page for automotive applications yet, you might find it useful by going here to get your questions answered.