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Do you fix bad tint jobs?

Should I remove my old film myself?
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Can you fix it?

Yes....  We do quite a few of those on a regular basis (almost daily), however, the only option in 99.9% of the cases we see, really can only be fixed is by stripping the old problem film off the glass and replacing it correctly with new film. Just bear in mind that with low grade budget films, as the original film installed, there is usually an age difference in the pigment color of the new film being put on against the rest of the older tinted windows around it.

This is where the quality of the original film comes into play. Cheap budget films will fade or bleach out slowly over time. In fact in many cases, so slowly that most don't notice it until fresh film is installed next to it.

Higher end films originally installed are much more color stable over time and match up way better with fresh film in these instances. We can usually tell how it's going to go before hand once we can see it. If the original film on the whole car looks pretty shabby, the we'd usually recommend replacing the film on all the windows and start out fresh with good high quality film on all windows so that everything ages better and equally. Otherwise you'll probably be making more trips back in the near future to deal with other windows presenting problems, getting into a nasty cycle of differently aged film (and film roll batches) being installed in a patchwork fashion.

If your on a budget and can't afford to replace everything at once then basically, here's how we recommend handling these low grade film scenarios with a "poor boy" approach. We usually recommend just dealing with the problem window first to see if the color match is acceptable to the owner because we can always proceed at another time if need be.

In most cases, this is all that needs to be done and most are happy with the end result. But if the original film is too badly faded or purple and it's a side glass window for example and the new film pigment is way off compared to the original then, the next economical step would be to redo the entire 1 side of the car that the original problem window was on. If you think about it, it's really hard to look at both sides of the car at the same time to compare to each other......

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