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Do it yourself film removal          Should I remove my old film myself?

How do I remove the worn out window tinting off this car I just bought???

Call (972)783-6005 for more Inquiries We have a lot of people call in and tell us that they just bought a used car and ask us how to remove the old bad window film from it themselves  (no telling where it was done, what brand it is, or any warranty information on it). Removing window tinting is not for every one. Removal techniques do vary from car to car depending on how "sun baked" it is.

Call (972)783-6005 for more Inquiries If you're industrious and want to remove your window tint yourself to save some money at your local tint shop when having your windows re-tinted ( because you'll probably want fresh film back on your windows when you realize how much it was working for you even when worn out ). Please feel free to stop by and let us see it and give you some pointers and a free removal instruction page. If you're too far from us to make it by and the local tint shops you've talked to don't give you a warm fuzzy, then we do offer a detailed step by step instruction web page explaining the correct techniques in a step by step manner, proper common tools needed, and common problems to look out for, (more that can be explained in a quick long distance phone conversation). This web page tells you how we deal with removing auto window tinting in our shop here at Blair's Texas Window Tinting & more. If you find you're not willing to pay those shop prices of having your old film professionally removed, this window film removal instruction page WILL aid you in time spent and damage prevention by telling you how to safely remove your old "dead" window film yourself in a step by step manner, saving you money, time, headaches, and eliminating removal costs when having your auto's windows re-tinted. Click here to access this page.

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