Below is what was going to happen here in Texas September 1, 2009 if something wasn't said to these guys.

Go Texans!!!!!!!

House Bill 4523 is being proposed to the Texas legislative committee. What this means for you is...if this bill isn't amended, it will basically mean that only a light 50% film on your side windows would be legal (which is next to nothing). Obviously, it's too hot in the summer down here for this (the darker you go the more heat you reject).  If we want to keep our current laws which are good, we have to make sure that the Senators who are trying to push this bill through and the House Representatives know how you, the voter feels. 

Was proposed and changes are going to take affect September 1st 2009. The changes originally written were crazy, but now has been altered to where our tint darkness law remains untouched thanks to all you concerned Texans out there!!! Thanks for all your input on this. Below is what transpired and shows what will change September 1st, 2009 on this subject that originated from Senator John Carona:

Senator John Carona, R-Dallas, originally authored and introduced this bill which is very restrictive when compared to the current legislation. Apparently when he authored this, he couldn't have completely understood the dynamics of the physics of heat rejection or the impact of changing the 25% net law to a 35% net law of what it will do to hard working Texans that utilize this technology (almost everyone).

Or hasn't had to sit stuck in 5 o'clock traffic in a major metropolitan area on a 104f day here in our fine state of Texas :)

Or is trying to target an economy related weak industry to put a feather in his hat for some sort of a personal agenda..............

Or is trying to punish everyone for the few who don't comply with the current fair law.

We personally don't understand why someone would do this to everyone. What's next? Are they going to make us put clear glass front doors on our houses too?

The amended section:

The following lists the differences between the current law and the proposed amendment:

Current law stays the same that was almost amended:

The current law for side windows is a 25% light transmission net law; therefore, 35% film (which is a kind of a medium to light darkness and most would prefer it be even darker if it was legal) can be applied to 70% factory glass (35% X 70%=24.5%). Current trigger enforcement policy is 20% or lighter. Current inspection enforcement policy is 20% or lighter.

Proposed amendment was found here:

The proposed amendment reduces the net 25% light transmission to net 35%. Only a very light 50% film would be legal (not acceptable and upsetting to most for as hot as it gets here). 50% X 70% =35%.

The actual amendment section that did pass into law:

C.S.H.B. 4523 amends Transportation Code provisions relating to sunscreening devices that are permitted as motor vehicle equipment to require the label, if the device is placed on or attached to a windshield or a side or rear window, to state that the light transmission of the device is consistent with requirements in state law. The bill establishes that a person in the business of placing or attaching transparent material that alters the color or reduces the light transmission to the windshield or side or rear window of a motor vehicle commits a misdemeanor punishable by a fine not to exceed $1,000 if the person places or attaches such transparent material to the windshield or side or rear window of a motor vehicle and does not install a label that complies with the law between the transparent material and the windshield or side or rear window of the vehicle, as applicable.


September 1, 2009.

This is a preliminary warning.  If this law is passed as is, it will have tremendous impact on automotive window tinting here in Texas. You may also visit the following site for updates on the bill:

This Bill has been sent to Transportation for final review as of 3-26-09 found here: .

Please make it a priority to immediately get in touch with the committee members that have our rights in their hands. A list of the House of Representatives committee members to contact with your concerns are as follows:

Position Member District County
Chair: Rep. Joseph Pickett 79 El Paso (part)
Vice Chair: Rep. Larry Phillips 62 Fannin, Grayson
Members: Rep. Bill Callegari 132 Harris (part)
  Rep. Yvonne Davis 111 Dallas (part)
  Rep. Jim Dunnam 57 McLennan, Falls, Robertson, Leon, Madison
  Rep. Ryan Guillen 31 Duval, Starr, Webb, Zapata
  Rep. Linda Harper-Brown 105 Dallas (part)
  Rep. Ruth Jones McClendon 120 Bexar (part)
  Rep. Tommy Merritt 7 Smith (part), Gregg
  Rep. Todd Smith 92 Tarrant (part)
  Rep. Wayne Smith 128 Harris (part)


Clerk: Brian O'Reilly
Legislature: 81(R) - 2009 Phone: (512) 463-0818
Appointment Date: 2/12/2009 Room: EXT E2.122

Also, Please make it a priority to immediately get in touch with the other House Representatives that have our rights in their hands as well.  Below we've provided a link to the other House members to send them your concerns.

Let them know that the proposed bill is too restrictive and that the current law is fair, healthy, and good for everyone in this great state of Texas. They need to know there are many people that depend on this necessity and all the great benefits of window film:  heat, fade, glare reduction, as well as safety and UV protection from skin cancer.  Please pass this on to your friends and colleagues to protect our rights as to what we can put on our own vehicles

Thank you and make sure to take action right away because if they don't hear from us (public out cry) we'll be driving around with unsatisfactory tint darknesses on our new cars roasting in the summer heat!

Info to put in letters:

*get in touch International Window Film Association (IWFA) and get the facts of window film.

*House Bill 4523 is too restrictive.

*The current law is a good and fair law that just needs to be enforced as is.

*Benefits of window films (glare, heat, fade reduction.  Safety from glass breakage and UV protection)

*How this law will affect you and your concerns.

*How it will affect the economy in a negative manner.


Click here to see a history on how the law was changed in September 1, 2003

Click here to see state vehicle inspection policy.