Blair's Texas Window Tinting and more
13534 Floyd Circle       Dallas, Texas 75243       (972) 783-6005
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Come See Us!

Directions to us from I-635 (LBJ Freeway)
Take the Greenville Avenue exit from I-635 and head north to the very next intersection stop light.

2. At this very next intersection stop light, take a left onto Restland Road (West).

3. Take Restland Rd to the very next stop light which is T.I. Blvd and take a right onto T.I. Blvd (North).

4. Follow T.I. Blvd to the Floyd Circle stop light (Floyd Circle sign on light itself) and take a right here into Floyd Circle (East).

5. Once in Floyd Circle (from the stop light), drive straight ahead (East). Follow the road around the back side of Floyd Circle (curves North). We'll be in a gray building on your right (East side of the road) of you with a Blair's Texas Window Tinting sign on our walk in door :) (13534 Floyd Circle). Basically, we're the 4th building on the right after the curve that heads you North.

***This section only applies where applicable***
Place shift selector in park.
7. Apply emergency brake.
8. Turn off engine.
9. Unbuckle your seat belt (hopefully you were wearing it), and get out of car (this is critical).
10. Don't be nervous. You really have made the right decision.
Come on in front door and walk down the hall to the back shop area (please excuse any work related messes you might see).
12. You have now arrived to where you need to be to begin formalities, see our film selections, and to make a decision on what you want.