Directions to us from Hwy 380

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If you have an appointment with us and are trying to find us, we do have google maps dialed in to our location on Simpson Road otherwise, this is the easiest way to find us for the first time here, so do this:

Locate "Planet Spirit" liquor store on hwy 380 near Princeton Texas.

Pull into their parking lot and look westward and you will see Simpson Road (Hwy 380 is just to the right of this picture).

From here, we are approximately 1.3 miles South down Simpson Road.


Simpson Road heads west for about a 100 yards then quickly turns left (south) (you will notice Atmos gas pipes will be on the inside corner of this turn southward).


Drive approximately 1.2 miles south down Simpson Rd through the wheat or corn fields (depending on crop and season).

From here, you could almost see me waaay down there standing in the middle of the road waving my arms at you (hence appointment only) and if we know your coming, we'll be there to flag you down or shoot off bottle rockets if needed lol...


Coming up on civilization again... Notice the tall bushes surrounding the yard on your right...


Look for the only one with all the tall bushes surrounding the yard.


And here is our cool little shop you will be looking for:


If you hit a dead end where you have to go either right or left on Myrick Lane, you've gone about 400 yards too far...

Thanks for your patience in finding us.
That wasn't so hard, now was it? lol...

(972) 783-6005


Thanks For Your Interest In Blair's Texas Window Tinting & more

The End...