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Auto Tinting Care and Maintenance?

Should I remove my old film myself?
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How do I care for my window film?  

We usually tell people just to treat their window tinting like the paint on their car (except no waxing) and just don't let it get so dirty you can grow potatoes on it. Clean your window film with water or mild soap and water on the inside (which is where the film is installed) and on the outside of the car you can use whatever you like.   

* Note* Repeated usage of harsh cleaners such as Windex TM or other ammonia based cleaners if used on any window films out there WILL shorten the life span of the window film.    

We only recommend using a damp towel (like the towel you have just dried your clean car with at the car wash) or a mild dish washing soap and water solution mixture (ratio we like is 1 small drop of liquid soap, or baby shampoo, to 1 quart of water (1 quart spray bottle) or a professional silicone polish/cleaner made specifically for use on window film only. You can remove stubborn garbage such as tar (from road hazards or repairs), chewing gum and crayons (kids), old tape adhesive (from paper license plates or stickers stuck to the film) etc... by using a very small amount of 100% mineral spirits (not lacquer thinner!) and a soft towel if not done on a regular basis and used very moderately.

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Auto Tinting Care and Maintenance?