Auto Window Tinting Price Ranges using high end film ONLY...
(not the "cheapo" look alike stuff and done all proper like complete with a happy ending)...

With most commonly used films & vehicles

Doing 2 front doors to correctly match factory's tint $95.00 to $110.00

2 Door Pick-up truck window tinting       

$229.00 to $249.00

4 Door Pick-up truck window tinting       

$239.00 to $269.00

2 Door Car window tinting                     

$199.00 to $269.00

4 Door Car window tinting                     

$239.00 to $279.00

Mini vans & S.U.V.s/ Small Multi Purpose Vehicles    

$259.00 to $309.00

Large window vans & S.U.V.s/ (M.P.V.) Vehicles   

$279.00 to $349.00

Custom Vans (with T-Slider Bay Windows) $299.00 to $599.00
Additional Costs to Vehicle Tinting Prices
 Film Removal $50.00 per hour

Front Windshield Strips  (custom cut correctly)       

$40.00 to $50.00

 5% Limo Darkness (available in metalized only) $25.00 to $65.00

Sunroofs (each)

$45.00 to $100.00

T-Tops (per pair)

$60.00 to $80.00

Single Window Price Ranges
(after broken glass replacements)
(film removal extra)

Single Door (roll-up) Glass (most vehicles)

$40.00 to $50.00

Single Quarter Glasses (most vehicles)

$15.00 to $50.00

Rear Windshields (most vehicles)

$50.00 to $175.00

*Tax is included in price

....Pricing is based on  complete auto window tinting jobs ( excluding front windshields and sunroofs )  to cars with " Clean " Glass that has had no previous window film applied. Film removal is priced at $50.00 per hour extra.... Average removal time on 4 door cars is approximately 2 hours(on most) to 3 hours(on most severely sun baked, but not all). Prices do vary on particular removal jobs depending on the age and quality of the original window film. We do accept cash and local checks. You can call us for exact quotes at  Blairs Texas Window Tinting & more in Dallas,TX. (972) 783-6005 during our normal business hours

Note* We have a lot of people come in with film problems to get a price on how much to remove film they just had installed months ago by someone who did it for them "cheap" only to find their "cheap" deal turned into not so cheap by added removal costs. Then they comment that they went back to have repairs done and only received lip service or the place turned into a Chinese food restaurant, Laundry, or other...
what we're trying to convey by this notation is not to discredit the window tinting industry (because it's a pretty good industry) but to make you weary of ridiculously low priced jobs or buy this and get this free gimmicks. It's a shame but true that these deals are not designed with your interests in mind and are usually last resort measures for their interests only. Window tinting of any kind should not be viewed just as a commodity because there is more to it than that. Good window tinting jobs can not be done for next to nothing. Good jobs take time, knowledge, skill, and high quality film to achieve a high level of perfection. These ingredients do cost a little, but are well worth the investment on your expensive car(s).